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Cloud Security.

Cloud consulting. Cloud cybersecurity.
We'll help you make a safe and successful migration to the cloud.

SSL Cert

Identity protection. Data security.
Easily automate the lifecycle management of all digital certificates.

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Improve your organization's detection of and response to cyber attacks.
We partner with the best AI-based protection tools.


A high-tech, tailor-made service offering

We're with you every step of the way, honoring our commitments. Our specialists provide you with the skills and resources you need, while guaranteeing safety and taking into account your specific constraints.


The integration of security architecture solutions for networks and applications aims to protect data and IT systems by deploying security devices such as firewalls, intrusion detection and antivirus. This integration helps to strengthen the resilience of companies in the face of cyber-attacks, guaranteeing solid, effective protection.

security consulting

Our Consulting division provides design, assessment, secure coding, auditing and consulting services to strengthen your company's digital protection. Our experts use their in-depth knowledge to support you in securing your data and systems, providing effective cybersecurity tailored to your specific needs.

Custom software

Thanks to our in-depth security expertise and integrated DevSecOps approach, we specialize in developing secure software that complies with the most stringent standards. Using tools such as SSL Cert and Device Manager, we ensure that your sensitive data is protected at every stage of the development process.


With our At-Defense SOC, you benefit from comprehensive, real-time threat protection. Our services include advanced web application firewall management, rapid incident response, enhanced cooperation to secure your system, and in-depth forensic analysis.


Thanks to our expertise in offensive security, we can help you identify and counter potential threats. Our services include secure configuration audits, penetration testing and managed vulnerability scans. These actions proactively strengthen the resilience of your IT systems.


With our security assistance, our 24/7 support gives you total peace of mind by offering proactive maintenance, anticipating potential challenges. What's more, our customized training courses reinforce your ability to make the most of our security solutions. Opt for high-quality, certified security support, guaranteeing your system's ongoing protection.


Our cutting-edge IT security skills at your service.

Our engineers direct and monitor your security systems on a daily basis with unwavering zeal, ensuring unrivalled expertise in the field. Whatever the size of your company or your sector of activity, we are ready to support you in your efforts to ensure effective protection of your information systems.

Whatever the size of your company or your sector of activity, we are ready to support you every step of the way in ensuring effective protection of your information systems.

expertise and auditing

We offer a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment and expert advice.

Our experts will meticulously analyze the state of your IT infrastructures. They will design a robust architecture designed for long-term durability and adaptability. We'll guide you through the implementation and validation of your technological choices.

Managed Services

With our exceptional expertise, we provide remote management for optimum performance

We provide proactive monitoring of security events, including threat detection and firewall management.

With unrivalled expertise, we provide remote management of specific IT services, ensuring optimum performance of your systems. We provide proactive monitoring of security events, including threat detection and firewall management.


Installation, configuration and implementation of infrastructures, including skills transfer.

From deployment to operation, our certified experts dominate the lifecycle of even the most complex IT security solutions. They will be at your side at every stage of testing and integration, working closely with you to ensure the success of your project.


Design and adaptation of customised solutions to meet your specific needs.

Faced with persistent challenges including non-compliant equipment, communication gaps, or lack of adequate solutions, our innovative approach began in 2015 with the establishment of a dedicated Research and Development department. This initiative guides our constant evolution towards cutting-edge solutions.


24/7 response, monitoring, alerting and effective incident management for unwavering security.

We provide 24/7 response, constant monitoring and alerting, and proactive incident management. Our certified engineers, who comply with ISO 27001 standards, are there to advise you on the best strategies for upgrading the protection of your networks and systems.


Training courses in Security, DevSecOps, Cloud Infrastructure and Application Security are available.

We offer a multitude of programmes tailored to different levels of skill and expertise, allowing you to tailor your training to your specific objectives. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, our wide selection of courses will meet your needs in terms of enhancing your safety skills.


ISO 27001- Certified excellence.


In 2021, our Security Operations Centre (SOC) as well as our support has obtained ISO 27001 certification. This achievement testifies to our firm commitment to the highest standards of information security. By choosing e-Xpert Solutions, you are opting for enhanced protection and unrivalled service quality, guaranteed by this prestigious certification.

Partners and Products

We insist on excellence to guarantee the security of your projects!

All the safety equipment in our catalogue is tested and proven by our in-house test laboratory.

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Over the years...


Passionate about IT security, Christian Berclaz, Cédric Enzler, Sylvain Maret and Jean-Marc Bongni have pooled their skills to address the growing security issues in a market that is still relatively unknown.


The company's dynamic expansion has led to the opening of new offices in the canton of Vaud, more specifically in Morges, which will enable it to be more responsive and closer to local customers. Pierre Burnier, who is in charge of the Morges office and regional customer relations, ensures a personalised approach and quality service for customers in this region. He will become Chairman of the Board of Directors. 


The holding company Vaubanet SA was created to create a parent company for the company, which already had its sights set on future projects.


Solutions are not always available to meet demand, so the new R&D department has come on board. It is working on projects linked to artificial intelligence.


Implementation of our At-Defense SOC.


ISO 27001 certification of the Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Support department. This achievement demonstrates our firm commitment to the highest standards of information security.


The Vaubanet holding company becomes the Swiss Expert Group and acquires One Step Beyond SA. The group becomes the independent leader in cybersecurity and cloud services in French-speaking Switzerland.


eb-Qual joins Swiss Expert Group. Thanks to the integration of eb-Qual SA, Swiss Expert Group now has over 100 passionate experts dedicated to protecting your IT and your transition to the cloud..


A Geneva-based company that has enjoyed sustained growth for over 20 years.

We are a native cybersecurity company and have been active in Switzerland since 2001. Together with eb-Qual SA and One Step Beyond, we are part of the Swiss Expert Group, the leading independent group in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for cybersecurity and cloud solutions.





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About One Step Beyond S.A.

One Step Beyond Group (OSB) is an international innovative technology consultancy specialising in Cloud Solutions (Azure, GCP, AWS). OSB has been named Microsoft's Swiss Partner of the Year for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

About eb-Qual S.A.

eb-Qual specialises in ICT security and network services for the public and private sectors in Switzerland. It offers services for integration, perimeter and endpoint protection, visibility and compliance, and network discovery and protection.

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